We deliver new guests to your restaurant. Guaranteed!!

By creating a sales funnel through the use of a trackable automated marketing strategy, you can concentrate on serving your guests.

Many restaurants are wasting money marketing everything to everyone.
We develop a sales system that helps restaurants target their marketing budgets to the highest-value guests,  
SUPERFANS, allowing them to continue growing their business and stand out in a crowded market.

The best marketing is word of mouth. The recommendation to try a restaurant for the first time from a trusted source like a family member or a friend who is a SUPERFAN is priceless.

The Restaurant Funnel Sales System accelerates the process of attracting people that have never heard of your restaurant.

Generate interest

It all starts with generating interest in your restaurant and turning websurfers and social media followers into contacts.

Convert interest into sales

Through engaging and personalized messages, contacts become paying guests.

Turn sales into SUPERFANS

Being able to follow up on a guests experience and continuing to develop a relationship builds a network of SUPERFANS

A busy restaurant is easier to manage!
Creating a sales strategy that is personalized, engaging, systemized and trackable allows you to focus on serving the guest!

Digital Marketing Agency For Restaurants

How do we help?

As former restaurateurs, we understand the passion that goes into your restaurant every day.

Most days, you are putting out fires and dealing with immediate issues to ensure the day's service goes well.

We know you want to work on a plan to grow your business, but every time you spend money and time on marketing, you can't justify the results.

At Restaurant Funnel, we work with you to custom build a completely trackable sales system so that you can reach people who have never heard of your restaurant and turn them into SUPERFANS!

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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

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The Restaurant Funnel has completely revolutionized restaurant marketing for OMO.  Every dollar is maximized and the results are exponential and long lasting.


Connecting with Restaurant Funnel has given us access to a warehouse of information that has a stockpile of marketing and business expertise. They provide tremendous value to every project.


We may be Jerks, but the crew at Restaurant Funnel took our marketing serious and were always a pleasure to deal with.


We definitely see great success working with Restaurant Funnel. Some of the guests are trying Famoso for the first time and love it. It's wonderful to hear that we are having new customers join us here at Jasper Ave


Connect with a Restaurant funnel account manager to review your current sales strategy.

We will create a custom, trackable marketing strategy that mirrors the experience you provide within your restaurant.
Have a trusted automated marketing system that guarantees new guests, and has existing guests returning more often.
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We guarantee our work.
If we don't provide you with new guests every week, our service is FREE.