Marketing plan and Framework

We know margins are tight, and most of the marketing rests on the independent owner's shoulders.

But where do you start?
Gone are the times of just taking out a newspaper ad or sending out a flyer. Although this media still plays a role, the collaboration of different media's like print, web, social media and email are what successful restaurants use to deliver a consistent message.
Are you sick of throwing things against a wall and hoping something will stick?
Many great companies can design a beautiful website, create social media posts and host email campaigns, but are they delivering guests into the restaurant?
Do you know how much it costs to acquire a new guest?
How do you know if that FaceBook post translated into more business?
Do you have time to learn the latest trends or research the newest tools in the marketing world?
As former restaurateurs, we understand the day to day challenges of running a restaurant and trying to build a brand.
We want to help!

And here are a couple of ways how....


We work with you to create and execute your marketing strategy


We work with individuals within your organization to guide them in implementing marketing strategies.

Project Management

Plan and collaborate with you and other professionals to build out your marketing assets and create a marketing program.

Ongoing Marketing Management

Full-service implementation and maintenance of your marketing program.

When I first opened my restaurant in 2003 as a franchisee, there were lots of operational manuals telling me how to cook and provide standard service. However, there was never any support on how to attract guests into my restaurant. After 15 years of owning restaurants and developing my own concept, I gained an understanding of the essential ingredients that is needed for restaurant marketing. The retail and e-commerce figured it out years ago, and now its time for restaurants just like yours to use these tools to build your marketing program, which we call the Restaurant Funnel.

Using the Restaurant Funnel, we find new guests by expanding your reach and directing them to permit you to market to them through email. Using the email channel, we keep them engaged and your restaurant top of mind by using a personalized approach you cannot achieve with social media.
How do we do this? Well, the process is different for every situation. There is no magic formula, but a signature recipe developed just for your restaurant. Through testing and reporting, we work with you to make sure you receive a return on your marketing investment.

Our first step in creating your Restaurant Funnel is to have a conversation. We need to understand your goals.

We help you create your Restaurant Funnel

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Build a funnel to attract new guests and turn existing guests into SUPERFANS.
Concentrate on daily guest satisfaction knowing you have in place a trackable and predictable Restaurant Sales Funnel.
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