Lance's thoughts!

Does your loyalty program give you an return on your investment?

So the premise of the program seems fantastic, people dine with your restaurant, you reward them for coming in, and then they keep coming back because they want to collect points........

This works for quick service and fast food because there is less emphasis on service.

However, you are a full-service restaurant, and your number one goal should be creating a personal and engaging experience.

What is personal and engaging about a guest collecting points for purchases and then redeeming them for money off their bill?

Think about it what would resonate more with your most loyal guests....

Getting a percentage of their spend in points every time they come in.
Taking care of their bill randomly every few visits because you personally recognize them as being awesome.

Both can net out to the same dollar value, but taking care of an entire bill will go a lot further in building loyalty.

Here is an example

You have a guest that comes in every week for lunch.
They decide to come back on a weekend evening.
At the end of their meal, you take care of the bill and thank them for being such a great guest and supporting your business.
Now that's a loyalty program that will work.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020