Lance's thoughts!

Food or Entertainment?

The dollars spent in your full-service restaurant are in most people's entertainment budget, not grocery budget.

Those budgeted dollars are in the same group as movies, concerts or anything else that provides an element of fun.

Wouldn't it make sense to focus your marketing on the experience people are going to have?

How do you accomplish that?

Start with your website. The words you choose to put on our website help potential new guests visualize the experience you provide.

Look at your website.

Within the first 5 seconds, is it clear what style of service you provide?

Most restaurants showcase their most beautiful food above the fold on their homepage. But how does that tell someone if your style is casual or formal?

Is the music pumping where you would want to hang out with friends?
Soft and subtle where you would want to have an intimate dinner with someone special?

Be clear in your communication, not abstract.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020