Lance's thoughts!

Hang up your jacket!

You tell your kids this over and over again.
Why don't they get it the first time?
It's not as important to them as it is to you.
So do you give up?
No, you keep reminding them, and one day they surprise you and do it all on their own.

Your guests are the same; they need to be always reminded about your restaurant.

Your emails are not being read by everyone every time.
If you send out a long-form email, AKA a "newsletter," once a month, most people on your list won't open it, and even fewer people won't take the time to read it. It's too much information all at once. Your restaurant is not that important to the guest for them to spend more than 30 seconds reading a message from you.

Try this. (Takes less than 90min once a month.)

  1. Pick one promotion
  2. Craft an email that's short, 100 words or less, and make it fun and personal, with no graphics.
  3. Link it to a landing page with all the long-form details
  4. Copy the email 3 more times and change around the subject line and the body.
  5. Schedule them over the next four weeks.
  6. Measure to see how many people clicked the link to get a true reflection of people's interest in the promotion.

Less is more when it comes to content!
More frequent touches keep you top of mind!
Being top of mind increases your restaurant's opportunity for the next dining out experience.

Hang up your Jacket!
The jacket doesn't belong on the floor.
Have you heard about the jacket on the hook?
Jackets, where should they be kept?

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Friday, November 27, 2020