Lance's thoughts!

Do you need more content........

So the question is, are you a content provider or a service provider?

The lines get blurred when it comes to restaurant marketing.

It is important to be top of mind and be active on your social accounts, review sites, and emails.

But, should you be spending time writing blogs and creating videos?


It's not bringing value to your restaurant experience.

With 90% of new guests visiting your restaurant because of a trusted friend or family member's recommendation, your time is best spent making sure that every guest has an amazing experience.

Take 2hrs at the start of your week, plan and schedule your content.
Don't overthink it.
Done is better than perfect.
Take 15min every day, replying to comments and messages.

Less than 4hrs a week, providing consistent touches to your followers and subscribers will go a lot further than spending hours writing a blog post or editing a video that no one will read or watch.

Monday, November 30, 2020