Lance's thoughts!

Hang on; it's going to be a rough ride

The busiest month of the year could end up being your slowest.

Most communities have either forced restaurants to close, be on take-out only or dine-in with limited capacity.

You are freaking out.

This is super stressful, and you have every right to feel a bit disheartened.

But you are resilient; you will prosper.

Let's change your mindset.

If this was January, what would you be doing?

January is typically the slowest month of the year.

It's a month where good operators take the time to re-evaluate, update their menu and plan features and promotions for the upcoming year.

So do that now!

I know it's hard to plan when you don't know what restrictions are coming next. But the reality is, things will loosen up.

Although life may never go back to normal, people are craving the dine-in experience. It is one of the first sectors that will see massive growth.

Will your restaurant be ready?

Sunday, December 6, 2020