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Don't get into the coupon trap!

Many restaurants use coupons for their restaurant to help bring in sales. This is part of a HOPE MARKETING strategy.

You HOPE that people will see your advertisement and use your coupon.
You HOPE they come in and have a great experience.
You HOPE that they will come back.
You HOPE they will tell their friends.

That's a lot of HOPE.

However, when you offer a trackable incentive for the exchange of an email address, you can measure your campaign's effectiveness.

You KNOW who used your incentive.

You can extend an expiry date or re-send the incentive later for people who didn't redeem.

You can request feedback and ask for a referral for people that redeemed the incentive.

The best part of this is you are building a list of contacts that can directly be communicated with for future specials, incentives and events.

No HOPING that social media will show the right post to the right person at the right time.

Stop HOPE marketing and start MEASURE marketing by creating a trackable engaging marketing system.

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Sunday, December 13, 2020