Lance's thoughts!

Don't confuse the two.

Sending out a newsletter is not the same as sending an "e-mail".

E-mail is an electronic letter, a note, a personally engaging message.

Restaurants tend to overcomplicate their e-mail programs by creating graphic newsletters packed with information and then only sending them out once a month.  Twelve e-mails a year is not a way to keep your brand top of mind and engage your contact list.

Your e-mail program is intended to keep your restaurant on their mind so that when they decide they want to go out for an experience, you are their first choice.

Keep your e-mails to less than five sentences.
Make it, so it fits within one screen view of a phone.
Create a link for more information to a relevant webpage.

Less is more when it comes to content.

Send an e-mail at least once a week to stay engaged.

Got 60 seconds? Check out the video

Saturday, December 19, 2020