Lance's thoughts!


Why does your restaurant exist?

If your why is only to turn a profit, you are in the wrong business.

As you know, the margins are super tight.

If you are so focused on the bottom line, you start making decisions that may affect the reason you opened your restaurant, your WHY.

Restaurants fall down the dark hole of chasing the bottom line when things get tough.

They forget their why and start making decisions based solely on costs by using lower quality products, reducing portion sizes and scheduling less staff.

Making a profit is essential; sustaining a profitable restaurant will only come from the result of you fulfilling your why.

Your why needs to be your focus! Your why is the driving force for you and your staff to serve every guest to the fullest.

Knowing your purpose, cause, and belief is part of the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Whatever you post, email, or create on your website needs to align with your WHY.

Monday, January 4, 2021