Lance's thoughts!

Pay your marketing first.

Saving money is hard because there is no instant gratification.

You put a bit of money aside every paycheck.

This is called paying yourself first!

No matter the situation, you know that saving money for your future is the most important thing you can do.

It slowly grows and may not seem worth it at the start, but you keep at it.

All of a sudden, through the magic of compound interest, your money doubles and then triples.

Marketing is the same way. The returns may be small when you first start but over time, they compound. But you need to keep investing in your marketing to grow your restaurant.

If all you have been doing is posting to social media, this is a losing investment as organic reach keeps getting smaller.

You need to diversify.

The best investment is email marketing.

It is personal, it can be automated, and it is scalable.

If you add 10% new contacts to the list every month, your network will almost triple by the end of the first year and almost 10X by the end of year two.

Start investing in your restaurant's future now; whether it's dedicating a portion of your time or your revenue, pay your marketing first!
Friday, January 8, 2021