Lance's thoughts!

Happy Birthday!

Everyone loves their birthday, well, almost everyone.

If you are still hesitant about starting an incentive based email program, the birthday club is the best place to start. Birthdays and going out for a meal go hand in hand.

You need to be using an email program that lets you send out date-based emails. We recommend MailChimp as it is inexpensive and can accomplish the task.

When you capture the contact's name and email address, ask for their birthday: month and day.

What should you give them as a birthday present? Well, what is it worth to be able to market directly to someone's inbox for an entire year? This should be over and above anything you already do for birthdays at your restaurant.

Set up an automation to send them emails.

Give them at least 2 weeks to use the incentive.
Send it before their birthday.
Send them an email on their birthday.
Send them a follow-up email after the incentive has been used.

Monday, February 1, 2021