Lance's thoughts!

Returning Guests

The first time someone tries your restaurant, the expectations are high. They are taking a chance on spending their hard-earned dollars on a new experience. Instead of sticking to what they know, they are taking a risk giving your restaurant a try.

Making sure that this first experience is amazing is so essential.

So how do you do this?

Start a new guest program.

Have the host ask the question of every guest when they arrive.

Have you dined with us before?

If they say this is their first time, you need to make sure that this visit is extra special so that the guest feels a connection with your brand.

Manager/Owner introduces themself and brings over your best appetizer for them to try while looking through the menu.

Whether they have dessert or not, give them one of your best desserts for them to take home.  In the takeout box or bag, have a handwritten note from the Manager/Owner thanking them for their visit with an incentive to come back again.

Friday, February 12, 2021