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Brand Loyalty

When you think about your restaurant's loyalty program, you are most likely thinking of a transactional-based system.

You get so many points for every dollar spent, and then those points are redeemable for perks and rewards.

But are those guests raving fans that help promote your business?

Loyalty can be looked at differently. What about that person who only dines a few times a year but continuously tells everyone they know about your restaurant. Like every post, they share every email and talk about their previous experience with their friends and family.

How can you track that. How about a referral program? Affiliate marketing is an essential part of the marketing strategy of many companies, for example, Amazon. Amazon has independent sales people promoting their products, and they get paid for every sale.

Build your affiliate network.

Identify your superfans.
Offer them a reward if they refer guests.
Reward them once that guest has dined at your restaurant.

Want to know how to do this?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021