Lance's thoughts!

Are you using a funnel in your restaurant?

A funnel is an essential tool in the restaurant industry. Most restaurants use it every day in one fashion or another.

We have a large container of sauce that we need to portion into a smaller bottle, draining the deep fryer through a cone filter, or even grinding meat.

The thing is about a funnel is that it takes a large amount of something that you can fill quickly at the top and guides it through a smaller space to allow it to be more focused.

Well, the Restaurant funnel marketing system is based on those same principles.

We attract the masses to your restaurant brand, lead generation.

Through an incentive to try your place for the first time, we convert leads into guests.  

We communicate consistently to your guests about your offerings to nurture them into superfans.

These superfans are the ones that will tell the world about your restaurant and get to those people that no amounts of marketing ever would.

Saturday, November 14, 2020