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Marathon or a Sprint?

Running a restaurant is a marathon, not a sprint. Most restaurants start off with a five or ten-year lease.  They need to be thinking about starting at a good pace that they can maintain for the long term. Your restaurant needs to build a marketing strategy that will help you achieve a steady rate of growth.

Likes and follow don't put money in the bank. You need to have a list of contact information of people you know who have been in your restaurant. This list becomes the core of your marketing strategy.

Those restaurants with a solid foundation of a contact list have made 50% more sales over the last year because they could directly communicate with their guests and let them know any changes in real-time.

The steady growth of your restaurant is an easy formula:
Generate leads
Turn leads into contacts.
Convert contacts into actual guests.

Then through engaging, personalized and measurable communications, nurture those guests into SUPERFANS.

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Saturday, March 13, 2021