Lance's thoughts!

How do you learn about your guest?


A great server will find out information about the guest and use that information to customize the experience. 

Let's compare it to wine service. 

Some restaurants have 100's of bottles on their list. 

When the staff help the guest make a selection, they will usually start with a simple question like red or white? 

Then it can get more specific.

Would you like something lighter and delicate, or perhaps something more full-bodied?

Would you like something local or perhaps somewhere more exotic?

What wines have you tried in the past that you've enjoyed?

To make an excellent recommendation, the server needs to find out more information.

This is the great thing about building a guest database; you can ask questions and find out more information about the guests on your list. Use this information to send out targeted communications that the guest is interested in, and adjust your offerings to satisfy more of the guest's desires.

But don't just take our word for it; read the book.
Ask by Ryan Levesque

Tuesday, March 23, 2021