Lance's thoughts!

Good Marketing takes patients.

Everyone is quick to want to add contacts to their email list, some people even buy lists of names to get that number up.

But what's more important? 500 people on your list that are engaged with your messages or 5000 that don't care.

Some people argue that having lots of people on the list and sending them emails is worth it in "hopes" that they might engage. But then they start sending more emails and see the unsubscribe rate climb, so they panic and stop sending emails.

Kinda defeats the purpose of having an email list.

We believe in building a healthy list, like a group of friends. You want people you can count on to get excited about your promotion, new menu, or special event. ANd not only get excited about it and share it but come in and spend money.

Build a list that you can send an email to every five days. That's a truly engaged list. Build that list with a 25% click-through rate, and now you have superfans.

Got 60 seconds? Check out the video.

Thursday, March 25, 2021