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Happy Easter!

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

AKA Don't just use one tool for marketing your restaurant.

Going all-in on one form of marketing limits you to only those people who follow that one channel. Can you do everything? No, but you need to build out a few different paths for your marketing strategy.

1 - Website, this needs to be clear on the type of experience people will have at your restaurant.

2 - Email capture system, have a process to turn websurfers who are not quite ready to commit to a visit into contacts and connect with them in the future.

3 - In-house email capture system, add people who visit your restaurant to your database, either through a contest, reservation list or anything else that may incentivize them to give you their information. (Remember to not add them directly to your list, send them an email asking for permission.)

4 - Post to social media daily, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business. Being consistent daily shows the internet that you are contributing and you are dependable. Although you may receive less engagement per post, on average, for the week, you will have more engagement than posting once in a while

5 - Paid advertising, pay to play. Spending at least $10 a day to boost your post or create an ad will get you in front of new people. Having the call to action to subscribe to your email list will permit you to market directly to them.

Sunday, April 4, 2021