Lance's thoughts!

Are first impressions the most important?

When someone walks into your restaurant, the internal sales process starts. The way your entrance looks, how guests are greeted, and even the smell can set the tone for the guest's upcoming dining experience.

Most restaurants got this figured out; they hire smart and enthusiastic people at the front to greet and seat. They give them scripts to ensure the table is properly briefed before the server comes over.

However, many restaurants forget about the goodbye. This is a very important part of service. Many times have great experiences been ruined by someone not being able to find their server to get the check, or even no one saying thank you as they leave the building.

You are always selling the next visit.
So there is no better time to sell the next visit than when a guest is leaving.

Three simple things you need to do.
Thank the guest for coming in
Ask them if they enjoyed their experience
Invite them to come back

Friday, August 20, 2021