Lance's thoughts!

Marketing doesn't work!

It sure doesn't if you are marketing to the wrong people in the wrong places.

Posting to social media and hoping people see your beautiful picture with your clever description will not work.

Radio Commercials that broadcast to a large audience that will never come to your restaurant will not work.

Billboards that people zoom by are not going to work.

Sending out an email randomly once in a while is not going to work.

Building a network of guests, which you frequently communicate with personalized messages, works.


Because you fill the funnel with a large group and out of that group, you find people who love your restaurant and love hearing from you. They open every email, like every post and redeem every incentive.

These are superfans, and it takes work to find them, nurture them and maintain a relationship.

But you need to start. Where do you start, by booking a strategy call with one of our account managers.

Saturday, August 28, 2021