Too many restaurants try to market everything to everyone.  
We help you get laser focus on why you are unique,
so your restaurant can stand out amongst a crowded market.

Attract new guests and increase  restaurant sales by creating a personalized and trackable marketing experience!

A busy restaurant is easier to manage!
Developing restaurant marketing strategies through unique restaurant marketing ideas creates a busier restaurant on demand!

more guests = increase restaurant sales
The best marketing is word of mouth.
The recommendation to try a restaurant for the first time from a trusted source like family or a friend who is a SUPERFAN is priceless.

But how do you build a network of SUPERFANS?

Through our proven system we put the tools in place by creating a custom funnel to help create and maintain SUPERFANS.

Digital Marketing Agency For Restaurants

More Guests

It all starts with getting more guests through the door to experience the amazing restaurant you have created.
Restaurant Online Marketing Strategies

More Sales

Increase in sales comes from more new guests, but also existing guests coming more often and spending more money because they are more in touch and informed about what you offer.
Restaurant Marketing Plan

More Profit

As much as you have a passion for your restaurant, the end result needs to be more money in your pocket. Increasing the amount of SUPERFANS is the key to increasing your bottom line.
Digital Marketing Agency For Restaurants

How can I help?

As a former restaurateur, I understand the passion that goes into your restaurant every day. Most days, you are putting out fires and dealing with immediate issues to ensure the day's service goes well.

With a background as a Franchisee, independent owner, and franchisor, I have been in the trenches figuring out ways to increase guest visits. I created a personalized marketing system that reflected my brands personality. By using personalized messages I created superfans that were in love with the experience we provided.

Just like your restaurant requires a recipe for everyone to follow. These recipes developed over time through testing and feedback. I have developed the base ingredients for a restaurant's personalized marketing recipe. Jointly we can put this recipe together and build your signature marketing recipe, a Restaurant Funnel.

I know you want to work on a plan to grow your business and that you believe you need a marketing system, but every time you spend money and time on marketing, you can't justify the results. At Restaurant Funnel, we work with you to custom build a complete marketing system so that you can attract people who have never heard of your restaurant and turn them into SUPERFANS!

How do you measure up?
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My concept, Soda Jerks, was featured on You Gotta Eat here.

Check out the episode

Soda Jerks was one of the three concepts that I developed. This location went from a single retrofit restaurant to having three joint ventures and two franchise locations.

We create a unique digital marketing strategy, a restaurant funnel, so you can concentrate on your operations.

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Build a marketing funnel to attract new guests and turn existing guests into SUPERFANS.
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Concentrate on daily guest satisfaction knowing you have in place a trackable and predictable Restaurant Sales Funnel.

Value is the key factor if you want to be a busy restaurant.

Value is a perception-based quantification in the guest's mind. It's not something that can be easily measured.

Just because your food cost is the same on every item you serve; doesn't mean the perceived value is the same.

Fine dining restaurants can charge more for simple ingredients based on the atmosphere and the service.

So when you are thinking about the value, you deliver don't just whip out the calculator and add up your cost of goods. Understand the perception of your restaurant. Sometimes you will be able to charge more, and sometimes you are overcharging.

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June 19, 2021
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