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"The riches are in the niches, but the fortune is in the follow-up."
-Pat Flynn

Many restaurants are wasting money marketing everything to everyone.
We developed a system that helps restaurants target their marketing budgets to the highest-value guests,  
SUPERFANS, allowing them to continue growing their business and stand out in a crowded market.

Thank you for being part of the Restaurant Funnel referral network, as you have seen the restaurant funnel system has many benifits but the main focus is to deliver new guests to a restaurant. A great marketing strategy is like a magnifying glass on an operation, when a restaurant is creating an amazing experience the Restaurant Funnel System will highlight that and spread the word faster than just regular word of mouth. However the same is true of a restaurant that struggles operationally.

Just like you want The Restaurant Funnel System to be a good fit for the people you refer, we are looking for great restaurants who provide a great experience and are operationally sound.
Some things to consider when referring a potential Restaurant Funnel System Candidate:

How do you earn on the referral program?
1. Add a Lead

Using the add a lead form you can easily pass off the information you have from a contact that you might think is a fit for The Restaurant Funnel Sales System, or any other marketing service.

Add a Lead

Use the calendar to schedule an introduction on behave of the customer you are referring. Once the event is confirmed and the meeting request is accepted by the customer, you will receive an invitation to join the Zoom call to make the introduction.

Create a link for a form to sign up to the monday morning mash up, request for a snap shot, and then book a strategy call. these will be the three call to actions that the referee can use to build their own landing page. Then add in the Elevator pitch and a tag line. Which I think should just be delivering new guests guaranteed.

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