If you are paying for marketing with your time or dollars and you can't calculate an ROI, STOP, you are just being wasteful.

Marketing your restaurant needs to be trackable so that you know every dollar spent is working to consistently increasing your revenue.

Most marketing agencies will tell you that it is difficult to measure a true ROI on advertising. They say the only way to get an ROI is to ask every guest why they decided to choose you to dine with, and that just isn't achievable.

However, if you create a minimum requirement for engagement, calculate a few items based on averages and industry standards, you can create a formula and a process that is trackable and gives you a clear understanding of how well your marketing is working.

Below you will find a tool to understand how many new guests you need to serve every week to achieve a 200% return on your investment when using the Restaurant Funnel System.

Achieving success with your marketing investment is the result of consistency.

Our job is bringing you new guests, your job is to ensure they have a great experience and want to tell their friends.

Your restaurant is unique, and so will be the way we can help.

The best way for us to know how we can help you is to get to know you and your restaurant.