Digital Marketing For Restaurants

Email:The Best Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

As an independent restaurant, you may have apprehensions about using email in your marketing. Perhaps you’re thinking:

  • People get too many emails and they don’t read them anyway.
  • Social media is better for connecting with guests.
  • I want my marketing dollars to count.

The truth?

Email is alive and well In fact, research shows that more than 900 emails are sent every second, and most consumers prefer to be contacted via email when connecting with companies. In short, if you aren’t regularly connecting with your guests through email, you are missing one of your best marketing and business building opportunities.

Email marketing is simple, effective, and inexpensive. Here are the three reasons you need to build an email list and use it.

1. Personalization

Email can be segmented so you can reach a large group with information that is personalized for their interests. Imagine being able to provide relevant content for first time guests, early birds,gluten sensitive guests, and more, all with the right email template. Setting up these templates takes only a few extra minutes yet can yield a significantly higher return.

Social media, on the other hand, tends to be either/or. Either you maximize views and clicks, or you boost engagement. In addition, Facebook’s algorithm means more than half of your followers may never see your post on their timeline. While social media can be effective, it’s hard to personalize without alienating a significant segment of your followers.  

2. Reporting

Email gives you the power to learn more about your online community. Campaign reporting features can tell you who is opening your emails, what links they’re clicking on, and more.

Research shows that just one in five restaurants utilize email lists, and half of those restaurants send an email once a month. Adding email to your marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd and gain valuable insights into your diners’ needs and preferences.

3. Ownership

Let’s be honest: none of us really owns our social media accounts. Facebook not only controls who sees our posts and when they see them; it also has a right to inactivate or delete your account at anytime.

Email, by contrast, is an asset you actually own. You select who receives your list and how it’s segmented. Yes, there are spam filters, but if your guests have opted in and you’re creating greatcontent (another post for another time!), then that is likely not an issue.


Here’s the bottom line: Aside from the dining experience itself, email marketing is the simplest and best tool for connecting with your guests. You can personalize content; determine how often to send and who reads what; and you can learn about your guests.

Don't believe the hype. Email is not dead, and your guests are waiting to hear from you. Put your best marketing tool to use by planning your next email campaign today.

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