Digital Marketing For Restaurants

How do you communicate?


This is not the question of HOW do we market; this is the question of HOW do we communicate.

When you describe your restaurant, whether it be long or short, the result needs to be the same. It needs to have a clear understanding of the feeling you're trying to promote. It is taking what we have discovered about our restaurants WHO, WHY, and WHAT and creating our standard text. This is important so that you have a consistent message through your entire digital presence. So many times restaurants will have a different description on a different listing. As new ones pop up, they write a new description but don’t go back and update the other listings. We need to create a master file that has these items in it, then it’s copy and paste.
1.      Tag line (1 sentence)
2.      Elevator pitch (150 words max)
3.      About us(750 words max)
4.      Brand Kit(Logo, colour, fonts)

Reflect on your three uniques. Is there a common feeling you want your guests to experience? Is your restaurant fun, romantic, or crazy? You need to identify one.
Burger Joint Case Study – core feeling: “Creative.”


The Tag line can be the hardest and most important part of your HOW.
Now read over your typical guest avatar. How would you describe your restaurant to this guest in one sentence, so they understand what they are going to feel by dining at your restaurant?
“A Creative burger experience that’s as unique as you are.”
So where do you use this tag line? This will be used in your online profile descriptions, Facebook,Instagram, Google my business, etc. This will be on your website above the fold, big and clear. It will be in your home page description so that google will show it in search. You will use it as an email signature and incorporate it into your social media posts. As you can see, this is super important.


What do you say when you meet someone for the first time and they ask you, “What’s your restaurant about?”. This is more in-depth than your tag line.
You identify a problem– Using the opposite feeling you have identified in your tagline. 1-2 sentences that help the person you're communicating with identify with that negative feeling.
What is your process?
How does therestaurant help overcome this feeling? What steps in your process turn the negative feelings into positive ones? 1-2 sentences
What is the result?
After going through your process, describe the core feeling in relation to the experience. “Now you feel …….. because you experienced ………” Using 1-2 sentences, you need to paint the picture of the feeling to leave the guest wanting the experience.
Where most people go wrong with their elevator pitch is they spend too much time talking about the details. We use fresh products, we are locally sourced, we make mayo from scratch, we won the best restaurant award. Unless these things relate to creating your core feeling, they are not important.  
 You know when you go to a burger joint and they have pre designed burgers, and even if you can build your own, their toppings are limited?  It's not even about the crazy toppings, just being limited in your options can make it feel restrictive. At our burger joint, we give you a sheet with over 50 different toppings from the classics like bacon and mushrooms to some uniques like Doritos and KD. Now you get to express your creative side or keep it simple, but the choice is yours.  We area Creative burger experience that’s as unique as you are.

About Us

This is the place where you can elaborate more about your story. If someone is going to your about us page,they want to know some history.
Start with your WHY
Showcase highlights from the timeline from inception to today
Make it personal,introduce key staff:
Who you are serving
What you are serving
The conclusion is about the core feeling your restaurant experience provides.
Make it skimmable by using headlines and larger text for the important parts. Include humour and list your achievements and the charities you support.  The best pages have a touch of photography.Think about this as a magazine article. Keep it to the highlights; no more than 750 words.

Brand Kit

See, if we were talking about a new restaurant, this is the point we would start talking about a name. The name needs to fit your marketing strategy. However, as most people already have a name, this is where we define our branding. This is to create consistency.
Your logo should have a standard horizontal, square and favicon. Color, B&W, on a white background, on a black background.
Colour - no more than three standard colours with Hex Color Code and RGB Color Code
Fonts – Create an approved font list.
Having your brand kit standardized makes it easier to create consistent graphics.
We use Canva which has a great place to hold your Brand Kit.
Now the foundation of your marketing strategy is complete.
Next, you need to create the hub of your marketing: permission-based email capture system.

Happy Marketing

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