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WHAT! You Can't Be Everything To Everyone – Part 3 Discover Your WHAT!

What you’re marketing seems like an easy question, right? “I’m marketing the restaurant.”

This is the answer I get most often. However,if you want to receive a positive return on your marketing investment, you need to have more focus than that.


Unless you have a big marketing budget, you can’t afford to showcase everything about your restaurant. Most independent restaurants don't even have a line item in their budget for marketing. They scrape together $5000 and decide to do some advertising. But what are they advertising?
Maybe it’s a new feature, or the restaurant’s location, but it is rarely part of a bigger strategy.


Now that you know WHO you are marketing to and WHY your restaurant exists, you need to focus on what you are marketing.


We define your what as your

1.      Three uniques

2.      Proven process

3.      Guarantee.


Three Uniques

Your three uniques is what sets you apart from the competition. When you look at the competition in your trading area there may be a few restaurants that share one of your uniques, there may be a couple that share two of your uniques; however, there is no other competition in your trading area that have all three of your uniques.”

Your trading area could be 5 blocks, 5 miles or for a destination restaurant it could be the entire city.

But the point of this is to find your top three.

Here is the example from the burger joint:

1. Build Your Own Burger options
2. Glass Bottled Sodas
3. Alcoholic Milkshakes

Proven Process

Most restaurants will have different processes, for example, the way you service dine-in may be different then take out. However, to start and achieve your focus you need to start with one: your highest revenue process. Remember this is about laying the foundation for a new guest, as Donald Miller from Story Brand says, “If you confuse you lose.” Increasing your highest revenue process by 10% will be a bigger impact on your bottom line. Once you have permission to market to someone and they have enjoyed your restaurant, you can introduce them to other services.

Here is the example from the burger joint:

Full-Service restaurant where every guest feels like a part of the family. We allow you to express your uniqueness through a build your own burger experience. You will be greeted at the door, guided to your table and served quickly and efficiently within a modern/retro environment. Our unique products allow you to try something new every time.



Most restaurants will not charge you for a meal if you don’t like it and that’s an obvious guarantee, but maybe yours is something different. The point of the guarantee is to alleviate a guest's reluctance to give your restaurant a try. This needs to be part of your marketing and not in the fine print. You need to stand behind your product and let everyone know.

Here is the example from the burger joint:

If after the first 2 bites you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay.
(This gives people the confidence to try something new. Even if they built a burger themselves, they know if they didn’t like it, they could get something new.)

So now that you got WWW (Who, Why, and What) figured out, you can start crafting your message, your HOW!

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