Digital Marketing For Restaurants

Keep your local listings up-to-date

And make a plan to manage your marketing.

I’m sure you have a checklist for keeping things clean in your restaurant. Most of us use daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedules to keep our restaurants beautiful and ready to serve customers.

But are you also doing that with your marketing?

Keeping your digital presence up-to-date is just as important as making sure the oil in fryer gets changed. Here are a few marketing tips that you should put in your calendar right now.


For every social media and listing account your restaurant has, go into the "about" section to make sure your links work, phone numbers are up-to-date, and your address is correct. Some of these things can be edited by the public, so it’s worth checking regularly. I can't tell you how often I look at social media accounts for restaurants, and they either aren't complete, have broken links, or have incorrect information listed. 

Also, if your menu is published on these sites, make sure it's the newest version. Nothing is more disheartening than when someone publicly calls you out on posting the wrong information. 


Deep dive into your online world. Respond to all the positive reviewers, thanking them for taking the time to post their thoughts. If they left details in their review, make sure you use them in your reply. You should also make a suggestion for their next visit. For example, “Since you loved the Texas Grill, you should try the Montana Grill next time.” Be descriptive.

You should also look at your Facebook posts to see who is commenting. Jump in the conversation wherever you can.


Check review sites and respond to any comments at or below 3 stars. If you’re not sure what to write, here’s another post on how to react to a bad review. Monitor your email and social media inboxes and reply to guests immediately as well. Take a picture or video in your restaurant, whether it be a selfie or some of your staff and post it. Real is where it's at.

Just like your cleaning checklist is different from the restaurant down the street, your marketing checklist will be too. There isn't a cookie-cutter way to do it. The first step is to create it, then get in the habit of following it. 

Oh, I almost forgot the most essential item to put on your monthly list—review and revise your marketing checklist!

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