Digital Marketing For Restaurants

Social media is the new word of mouth

but not in the way you might think.....

If you haven't noticed, most people are glued to their phones. They regularly rely on engagement and validation from their friends. Facebook, Instagram and other platforms create a world where people post how they see their world and not necessarily their reality.
In the beginning, social media was an excellent way for restaurants to get their messages out. It was possible for anyone to develop a following, and it was a platform where your audience could easily see your messages. Not anymore. Unless you pay for advertising, your messages barely get through because of filtering. Your audience only sees what the algorithm decides to show them (Facebook is the worst for this).

So what’s the best way to engage? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Make your restaurant photo friendly

Some restaurants are designing experiences that encourage taking videos and selfies. Have a mural on the wall to encourage visitors to take a picture in front of it. Make sure to also include your logo and social media handle. Dishes are also being arranged around how they'll look in photos. I’m still working on burning my hashtag into hamburger buns ;)

2. Own a hashtag

Do away with marketing specials on a tent card. Use that space to influence social media engagement. One of the brands I managed created a unique hashtag and encouraged people to post photos using it. Each post was then entered in a contest to win a gift certificate. When you use this strategy, search for the hashtag and comment on each photo you find. Once a week, a winner should be picked and publicly announced. 

3. Ask for reviews

More than 35% of diners say they are influenced by online reviews when choosing a restaurant. That can be good or bad for you. Everyone has something to say when they feel they've been wronged. Some will make hateful posts on every social platform you use. Read our article on how to react to a bad review. That’s why you need to actively work to generate positive feedback. 

On the bottom of your receipts, leave a note that everyone who posts a review is automatically entered into a contest. Include a web address to a form where people can leave the review. Make sure you reply to each review thanking them for their time. For outstanding reviews, encourage them to add it to their favourite social media platform by providing a link.

Successful restaurants match their marketing to their unique brands. But be careful—don't give up on an idea too quickly. Most programs take a little time to catch on. I always tell my clients to set realistic goals and timelines for new initiatives. Your latest idea may just need to marinate in the minds of your audience a little longer.

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