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WHO! You Can't Be Everything To Everyone – Part 1 Discover Your WHO!

The trend with restaurants is to be small, unique and focused,
but why is it that your marketing still tries to target everyone?

When I first talk to most clients about their marketing strategy, the first thing they say is they have tried everything, and nothing works.
But what they mean is that the return on their efforts hasn't been positive.  
Today I want you to have the courage to focus on an ideal customer.  It takes courage to say, "While we will happily serve anybody, this is the type of people we will focus on attracting." It may seem scary at first, but this will give your marketing and strategy the clarity it needs to be effective.

As my friend Jon Morrison from Get Clear Consulting says, "If you try to be everything to everyone, you'll end up meaning very little to a lot of people."
Jon is a friend of mine who runs a marketing company in Vancouver,B.C. Jon and his team help business leaders leverage the power of story to connect with their ideal customers. Jon is about to publish a book called "Now Start With Who." It's about how if you want to make the income and impact you and your company deserve, you have to pick a target audience, show up every day with a commitment to helping them win.  
"You win when your guests win." Jon told me. "Too many businesses are forgetting that at the heart of their business is a customer looking to win their story.
If you don't have a clear idea of the customer you can help, you likely don't have much of a business. We all need to be reminded of this. As business leaders, we are servants first."
When you start with your Who, you keep your focus on a marketing strategy. I want to show you how discovering your Who results in a clear Why and What. You need all three to have effective marketing.

Everyone is in search of the home run idea that will bring guests in droves — the magic formula to solve all the restaurant marketing problems.  

But it doesn't exist.  

Your marketing is going to take work and patience.
Just like your restaurant buildout, the most critical components are the things in the walls like power and water, something you don't see and probably take for granted, but are essential.

Let's Start with Who
Most people say, "I market to anyone who has money willing to spend it in my restaurant."
Well, this is like throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks. Do you have an unlimited budget to cast a big net like the big chains?  
My guess is no.  
If you want to make the most of your marketing budget and avoid just adding more noise to an already noisy world, ask the question,
"WHO are you marketing to?"
As Jon says, "Speak one language. You'll never be able to talk to everyone. But if you can speak clearly in a language your Who understands, you'll surely capture their attention."
Here's what you need to do to start with Who: Break it down and come up with your perfect guest avatar.  
·        Demographic (who) - Age, income, family status,gender
·        Geographic (where) - Where do they live
·        Psychographic (why) - Hobbies, spending habits and values  
Take the time and write it out. Create a detailed description of who your typical guest is or who you want it to be as if you were introducing them.
This is an example from a burger joint.
Joe is an average guy that loves a great burger. Big and crazy is the name of his game. Whenever he goes to a restaurant, he loves to try new things and is always tempted by the wacky and the wild. Joe is a family man with two children, one in Jr high school and the other in Sr. high school. His wife isn't as adventurous and a little more health-conscious, and where they go for dinner is generally her decision. They have a mid-sized family income and don't dine out often. When they do, they are looking for something fun that the whole family will enjoy.
Creating this fictitious guest allows you to align your marketing with speaking to that person consistently. If you confuse your "typical guest" with messages that don't resonate with them, then you're wasting your efforts.  
The key to the above statement is "where they go for dinner is generally her decision." So even though Joe is the typical guest, you need to make sure the marketing strategy resonates with his wife. She is the one planning the trip.  

Once you figure out WHO, you need to find out your why.

Happy Marketing  

Let's have a conversation about your WHO and let's create your typical guest avatar! Book your free strategy call now.

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